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• 9/13/2013


hi ive got a little more time before schhol so right when the player gets the sword you could add a little bit of acction like um he is fighting the british. now after the little bit of acction you could put the next part of the quest in like visit will turner and then he says stop write there or ill run you throw then you could like have little bit of acction there too when him and will fight (abit like pirates of the caribbean curse of the black pearl when him and jack was fighting)

after the you could have will telling the player to make for tortuga. when the player gets to tortuga you should put in for the quest find jack sparrow in murrky hollow dueling jolly roger but we can put jolly roger in as human then you can show how he became evil ill give ideas for that jolly roger can become evil when jack sparrow tricks him into a cave of fire and he can become a skeleton.

after the duel jack sparrow can run off and then you have to run after him.

after you cautch him inside a pub there is a other quest saying enter the game! so there is a ray of light and you go over to the door and you click shift then you are into toruga with other players. after all that the player is free to do what it wants to do like potco.

i have some ideas for quests so ill do that on a other desscoition

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• 9/13/2013


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• 9/13/2013

please say :)