The heart of Padres Del Fuego, a weapon most of ya' scallywags have heard of or even used before back in the good ol' days of Pirates Of The Caribbean Online. Now how would one aquire such a powerful blade?, well redeem a code of course! Unfortunetly its not quite that simple anymore. here at Pirates Online Rewritten, where not simply just "rebuilding" the game like some dull puzzle, where going far beyond that, where filling in the spaces Disney has left blank, and addressing the things you landlubbers have been asking them for years! Now one of the things being improved upon and extended here at POR, is the lore department, more specificaly quest development, which yours truely, has been typing their fingers the bone to get into ship shape, and provide a more satisfying line of quests to keep ye' all motivated, and supply you with new quests as often as possible, and keep the legend going. Now back to the subject at hand, which is? Oh Yah, the Heart Of Padres Del Fuego quest. Well, I can't really say because the team have not discussed about this idea yet. We discuss about everyone's ideas before making a decision on adding that specific feature to Pirates Online Rewritten or not. However, stay tuned, arrrgh!