I am the Bright Blue Orb, or as I will name him, Invisibill. William Blacksteel was a blacksmith on the island town of Port Royal where he met many different people. Pirates were his main customers. He was working on a new blade, more powerful than any blade he had ever seen when Blackbeard invaded his shop and kidnapped him. He was questioned by Blackbeard, and his crew concerning multiple pirate's wherabouts. When William was faithful to his pirate customers, he was stabbed in the back, and thrown overboard. He accomplished more in the afterlife that while living, as he became a  pirate and finished his beloved sword. William now wanders through the islands, looking for pirates worthy of its awesome powers, and asking around for Blackbeard, seeking revenge.

He is a strong man but also a short man with tattered pants, skull, and cross bones bandana. He has large sideburns and well trimmed hair, but he is always either a blue orb, or at least a transparent blue ghost.

Americano Grande is a spanish immigrant who's ship was crusaded by pirates. though he was a young boy, the pirates sensed great power within him, and took him into thier crew. He became a savvy privateer, and after becoming a master sailor and cannoneer, he decided to explore the land. Though never making it to America, he landed on the Carribean islands, and has claimed the land for Spain. he appears on American holidays and gives out fireworks, as if wanting people to root for Spain.

Americano wears a worn black hat with a golden  feather. He also wears a long red coat with a fancy golden vest. He has a bright red bowtie and he wears black pants with golden cuffs at the bottom, with leather Shoes, and his Sloop, full of explosives.