Fire Bat

Fire Bats are mid-level enemies found in Raven's Cove. They are around level 30 and are the same as bats but with fire particles surrounding them. They enjoy feasting on the flesh of pirates around them. They can easily be killed with ranged weapons such as throwing knives. Upon death the true problem ensues in which they explode similarly to keg runners. This explosion will deal quite a bit of damage and even the most grog-sturdy pirates should be precautious of this.


Fire Bats are the resulting mutation of wildlife in Raven's Cove and due to their curse are highly aggresive to anything that moves. Low-leveled pirates should procceed with caution. Fire Bats also enjoy the nectar of ectoplasm and are therefore attracted to the shut gate of the Cave of Lost Souls. Now and then they will find a cursed sword on the ground somewhere adding to their loot, but these cases are extremely rare and are hardly ideal reasons to farm.