HexChat IRC Client

The recommended IRC Client is called "HexChat", which can be downloaded here.


After downloading and installing Hexchat, open it up and you should see this page. Where it asks for Nick Name, Second Choice, and Third Choice write the names you would like to have. Nick Name is the name it will give you unless that one is taken. If it is taken, it will give you the Second Name and so forth. Where it asks for User Name, put your Nick Name. Then, in the Network section, scroll until you see GameSurge and click on that. Then, click connect.</p>


If this screen pops up, click on allow access or the client will not work.

(Note: If you have an Antivirus Program installed on your PC that has its own firewall, there is no need to have Windows Firewall enabled. Doing so will slow down your computer as well as your internet connection. Two firewalls running at the same time does not mean extra protection.)


After all of that, you should see this page pop up. Click on the option "Join this channel" and write "#piratesonlinerewritten" in the box next to it. Then, click ok.


Now the whole client should be done and you should see this screen. The people in the channel will show up on the right where the dots are. Green dots are POR staff members, blue dots are alpha testers, and people without dots are regular users. You can speak using the chat bar at the bottom of the screen next to your name. Also, the topic of the channel (or the information about that channel) is found on the top of the screen.

00 msconfig utility