This article contains information about the discontinued game, Pirates of Legend.
The content of this article will not be implemented into the current project, Pirates Online Rewritten.

Johnny the Leprechaun has been sighted in the Caribbean, he is said to carry large amounts of gold and hefty weapons. Although finding him is not as easy as it seems, some pirates however know how to attract this mysterious leprechaun. Turn the Seas Green with barrels of vegetable juice and hope that gold comes off the port bow.



  • St. Patrick's Day


  • Johnny the Leprechaun


  • Port Royal
  • Ireland
  • Johnny's Hideout
  • The Vast Sea


~Word spreads that an Irishman by the name of Johnny the Leprechaun has sailed into the Caribbean, who knows? He might contain a hefty bonus of treasure if ye find him~

Task: Talk with 3 different NPC's to find the truth about the mysterious leprechaun.

Random NPC (Failed Attempt): Grog hit you on the head now? Thar be no such thing as a leprechaun!

Random NPC (Successful Attempt): Aye, Johnny's his name, ole fellow has a big stash o' doubloons. The only thing I really know is that he's an Irishman.

Task: Go to Ireland and talk with 3 NPC's, and research to find more about Johhny.

NPC 1: Johhny be as green as Ireland be, say, got any grog on you?

NPC 2: Leprechauns aren't easy to catch mate, but if you do. Ye will be baskin' in riches.

NPC 3: I never heard of Johnny, - The NPC engages in a whisper - he does have a hideout in the Caribbean though, savvy?

Research: Johnny Clover is a small, but quick person due to a disease. He is known for massive wealth, and spreading greenery around Ireland.

Task: Return to the Caribbean and search for Johnny's Hideout.

~ When you discover Johnny's Hideout, you find out he has left. A small poem is written in his Journal. ~

" Sailin' in the seas, brings me down to me knees.

Oh I wish it was green as the Ireland beans.

However it be if I ask please, I don't get any lease.

Oh I wish it was green and not so mean. "

~ You grab the Journal and exit the Island ~

Task: Ask 3 NPCs for some clues to help you decipher this poem.

NPC 1: I have to go collect some seawater now.

NPC 2: It looks as if he is missing something.

NPC 3: He sure likes the color green, harr harr.

Task: Gather Vegetable Juice, ask a Farmer for some Vegetables.

Farmer: You can have these vegetables as long as you take care of those no-good undead.

Task: Defeat 5 Undead Soldiers and receive the vegetables.

Task: Mix the Vegetables and dump it in the sea.


  • Access to Johnny's Hideout
  • 1,000 Experience
  • 3,000 Gold