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Ahoy mates!

For about a year now, I've been begging Disney to take a look at my concept drawing for good ol' Jolly Roger's ship, The Harkaway. With the help of a couple of my mates, I have been able to put that drawing into the process of 3D design. 

The Grand Plan

The Harkaway will be a war brig based skeleton ship captained by Jolly Roger. The original concept was a completely foreign vessel of my own design, but through many concept drawings, I soon realized a pre-existing ship would be the easiest route to take. The ship in mind was a war brig. Why a brig? The war brig was the closest pre-existing ship to my original design; with a few slimy, decaying, skeletal modifications, of course. The Harkaway will be much more heavily armed than a standard war brig and will also carry a hefty level 75 tag. As far as when or where The Harkaway will be spotted, it is yet to be determined. Well stay posted, watch for updates, and most of all, stay savvy!

Update 2/19/14: The Harkaway is nearly finished in 3D design. I would like to give cred

it to ilovepotco123 for making the 3D model possible, and expect to see the 3D rendering very soon. Keep a weather eye out on the horizon, for this ghostly vessel just might claim you as its next victim! Have your cannons at the ready, and stay savvy!

update 3/8/14: The Harkaway is in sail and cannon production, the sails and cannons will be recycled from exhisting skeleton ships and added by me good mate RockyRaccoon. This is the last step in the production. In the next update we should see the finished product. Stay posted, and stay 

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the harkaway 3d model


Update 3/24/14: The Harkaway 3D model has been released to the site. My mate, Davy, has worked very hard on this project and I cannot thank him enough for his devotion and effort to make it happen. Here's a shot of the new 3D model, though its still pretty bare bones, (aye ye would think ye would want a skeleton ship to be bare bones, eh?) but progress still pushes forward and I expect to be seeing textures and details very soon. Keep an eye on that horizon, and stay savvy!